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Entrance Test Scores will help your child secure admission with Scholarships. Let us make it possible for you.

University and Visa Applications

We always look at University selection as a Bespoke activity rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Our impartial expertise ultimately leads you meeting your long-term goals.

Pre-departure and Post-landing

Choosing the right accommodation in a new country and landing with the right stuff at the right time can be a difficult experience. We guide you with the right process at the right time.

What we stand for


Creating a realm of educational excellence where students graduate from their dream universities, armed with skills and degrees to take on the professional world.


We aspire to be global leaders of academic change, providing real and reliable foreign education services. Striving to provide every student with expert academic guidance, we strongly believe that when students are given the opportunity to learn in institutions they love, they fall in love with learning too, making it a stepping stone to professional success.

Core Values

Merit: Achieve holistic excellence with no room for error.

Uprightness: Be held accountable, follow ethical practices, and follow a transparent and trustworthy work culture.

Synergy: Teamwork makes the dream work. Working as a team, in tandem with our clientele, amidst an encouraging and caring environment, lies at the heart of Trust-MUST.

Ties: If client is king, employees are the kings-men, and we ensure that a culture of empathy and compassionate communication fulfill our vision of building and maintaining strong ties with all. Satisfied employees culminate in satisfied clientele.


About Trust-MUST

You know how we say “there are plenty of fish in the sea”? But you never know which one to look for or which one might catch your eye? We aspire to be that one fish that catches your eye. We’re dreamers but doers, thinkers but believers, and we strongly believe that the right education can make a world of difference to an individual’s life, not just professionally, but personally too.

It all started with a thought back in 2019, fueled by the 2020 lock-down when everything came to a standstill but education continued to be on the rise, digital or otherwise. Judging from the industry potential and the fact that young, eager minds were unstoppable, our team of five put our thinking caps on, brainstormed every aspect of a better education, and thus began the Trust-MUST journey.

With a cumulative experience of 30+ years, we at Trust-MUST hope to make the University education process seem like a breeze to you. Right from shortlisting the universities that best suit your child aspirations and needs, to guiding you with the application process, right till the last step where your student visa is in your hands and your dreams are set to take ‘flight’, we’ll take care of it all. Our years of research and industry experience have been pivotal in helping us build ties not only with the best institutions across the globe but the best placement and recruitment partners too, who are instrumental in giving your career a boost.

As a company, Trust-MUST is young, just like the enthusiastic young minds that have built it, and the keen to learn youngsters (that’s your child) who inspire us to grow and provide unparalleled services. So far, we have placed ourselves on the map across Canada, USA, UAE, India and as we help you find where you belong, we dream of going places too. The future is digital, and we dream of building this digital education future for you, with you.

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This course will increase the possibility of getting scholarships for USA post-grad program aspirants.



This course will increase the possibility of getting scholarships for USA undergrad program aspirants.


IELTS Academic

This course will increase the possibility of getting admission, scholarships, and Visa for international students.

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